Oceania Dancesport Championship Adjudicators


Featuring the our best from around Australia, we are now on the countdown to the Oceania Dancesport Championship being held on Saturday 30th September 2023, at the ICC Darling Harbour Sydney, NSW Australia. We would like to welcome our esteemed panel of adjudicators and thank them for their support and contribution to the success of this year’s event.

Chairman of Adjudicators

Larry Clarke Chairman VIC


Listed below, in alphabetical order is our Panel of Adjudicators for this year's event.

Jason Beaman VIC
Masha Belash NSW
Brad Dawes NSW
Milana Deitch QLD
Rhett English SA
Stephen Farrawell SA
Rosa Filippello WA
Jeremy Garner QLD
Tony Gauci NSW
Karla Gerbes VIC
Debbie Godenzi  WA
Paul Green NSW
Ross Heidke QLD
Adele Hyland AM NSW
Cherie Isbell NSW
Gertrude Ko HK
Linette McFarlane QLD
Genice "Bong" Marquez PHL
Richard Morrissey WA
Brent Olifent VIC
Andrew Palmer TAS
Mary Paterson NSW
Kenji Po HK
Maria Pople VIC
Alex Schembri NSW
Melanie Sears NSW
Bianca Tonizzo WA
Joachim Trause DEU
Katusha Volgina VIC
Nancy Wang VIC
Madeleine Zoanetti SA

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