Mission Statement

DanceSport Events is an organisation dedicated to the promotion and development of dance and fitness in both Australia and Internationally. 

The Oceania DanceSport Championship will bring together DanceSport competitors, along with sponsors, exhibitors and dance schools, through a world-class event placing Sydney, Australia on the map for hosting future premier annual DanceSport events within the Oceania region.


To develop a DanceSport community event without limits – one that is united, harmonious, inspiring, and inclusive, which caters to people of all age, race, sexual preference, ability level, and respects DanceSport tradition.


To provide an event that:

  • Improves fitness and flexibility
  • Enhances skill and ability
  • Fosters artistic expression
  • Promotes physical and mental health across the lifespan
  • Facilitates social connectedness and a sense of belonging to community
  • Provides fun and leisure
  • Enriches quality of life


Get in Touch!

Dancesport Events Pty Ltd

Mobile: (+61) 0401 922 335 
Email: info@dancesportevents.com.au